TWM comprises a workforce of over 80 employees engaged in projects across PNG.

We are committed to the continual improvement of our national workforce, and we invest in our people through training and performance assessments to develop and multi-skill our team.

TWM is a culturally diverse organisation, with our expatriate workforce originating from countries including New Zealand, Philippines, Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Our National workforce is equally diverse, originating from all four regions of PNG namely the Highlands, Southern, Momase and New Guinea Islands including autonomous region of Bouganville.

TWM is a strong advocate for women in the workforce, with a number of female employees currently holding positions in the areas of management, administration and safety.

TWM’s cultural diversity is also reflected in our wide range of in-house skills and experience. To service the needs of our clients, we have highly skilled tradespeople including electricians, heavy diesel mechanics, fixed and mobile plant operators. We also have a wide range of experienced professionals with qualifications in science, engineering, safety, business administration and information technology.

  • Proven integrated business and safety systems
  • Sustainable resource development
  • Innovative engineering solutions
  • Full suite environmental services platform
  • Experienced and multi-skilled team