At TWM, we pride ourselves on our first-rate safety performance and standards.

Our safety record exceeds industry benchmarks with zero LTIs recorded since the company first started in 2011 and with a Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) of < 1 (per 200,000 man-hours worked).

The health and well-being of our people at work is paramount and this is supported through initiatives such as drug and alcohol testing and fatigue management.

The security of our people and our assets are critical to our operations and this is monitored through GPS tracking, surveillance and emergency response established through our fleet of motor vehicles, plant and equipment. Risk management and assessment forms an integral part of our operations.

Safety is everyone’s business with proactive safety management and accountability from our Board of Directors to our staff on the work front. Safety culture and leadership is supported by our integrated management systems and high standards of organisational performance.